At the beginning of each new year many of us think about the previous year and evaluate what we would like to see different; Many even come up with resolutions of things that we will do in order to see improvements in the coming year. Last summer, in Sunday morning sermons and Wednesday evening classes, we were given the opportunity to explore 10 foundational beliefs of being a Christian. Beginning January 8, we will be going through part 2 of the Believe Series and exploring 10 basic acts of a Christian and why they are important in our faith. Join us Sunday mornings and the following Wednesday nights at 6pm as we explore what it truly means to BELIEVE!

You can click here to sign up for the Wednesday night class and purchase study materials if you need them. If you joined us for Part 1 of Believe then you already have everything you need for the class!

Written by Sullivanfirstumc

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