The second Ministry Action Plan that was proposed to Sullivan First UMC from the Fruitful Congregations Consultation Weekend was to put together a team to look into an organizational structure that was more effective, less confusing, and in alignment with the United Methodist Discipline. The organizational team comprised of Phil Croft (Trustees Chair), Rick Goss (Administrative Council Chair), Jim Conner (Trustees member), and myself (Pastor Ben) have met several times over the following 6 months learning about a style of governance that promotes accountability to our vision and mission – the Single Board. After reading about the structure, talking with Don Ransford from Ebenezer UMC (which has implemented this structure), and talked with a church leadership consultant (Anne Handschu), the Organizational Team decided to present this structure to the Administrative Council to move towards adopting. Last Thursday (June 15), the Administrative Council voted unanimously to move towards adopting this new structure of Church Governance.

Short Synopsis of Single Board

Now is where you come in! In order for the church to change its governing structure, we will need to hold a special Charge Conference vote. This vote will happen in July. Before this happens, though, I imagine that many of you have questions about what this means for Sullivan First UMC moving forward. In our current structure, our administrative committees (Trustees, Finance, PPRC being the big main ones) require 6-9 members each (requiring at minimum 18, to upwards of 27 or more) to fill committee positions – that’s not including the Administrative Council itself, which needs its own secretary and chairperson! To free up people from committee positions and encourage them to, instead, be a part of a team in ministry, a Single Board comprised of 9-12 members will act as all of the administrative committees. This new Single Board will be a resource for various individuals and teams that want to do ministry that is in alignment with our vision and mission as well as making sure that the administrative functions of the church are taken care of (scheduling, finances, and building maintenance).

Attend the Town Hall Meeting!

If you have any questions about this structure, please feel free to get ahold of Pastor Ben or one of the members of the Organizational Team. Also, feel free to bring your questions to the Town Hall meeting next Sunday. The purpose of the Town Hall Meeting to make sure that the church is informed about the vote we will be making in July. (The exact date of the vote will be announced once it is scheduled with our District Superintendent.)

Please remember to stay with us after worship this Sunday so we can discuss this important matter!

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